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MOTIVATION is like caffeine and when you have it, you can be an unstoppable force. BUT, when it wanes, you can get stuck again and flatline. I’m excited to share my FREE 3-step system that’s designed to take you from crash to flow…As your coach I’ll guide you through a simple but powerful process to get you unstuck and fired up forever.

Discover the truth within you with TRUESPEAK™️

From retreats to coaching, transformational meditation to mind-body language, Truespeak™️ is here to guide you to connect with your higher self and discover the truth within you to create the personal and professional life you desire.

Connecting With Your Truth

Learn how your language can move you in a more powerful & successful direction. Our training teaches you how the mind processes information and how the use of Truespeak™ can realize your goals on many levels. Learn to identify your limiting internal and external language and how to replace it with Truespeak™.
Break away from your routine and create new empowering habits for your daily living. Bring vibrant health and stress relief into your choices for positive action any time you choose at a Truespeak™️ resort retreat.
Mindful Focus Coaching
Learn our signature strategies to increase focus and stay on track by identifying what works in your life and letting go of what no longer serves you, including negative thinking, anger, depression and anxiety.
Transformational Meditation
Practice the art of a solution-based meditation technique that targets a specific problem area using our signature process of resolution during the meditation by allowing a powerful inner dialog.

Speaking Your Truth with

Ell Graniel

Ell Graniel has invested over 30 years of research in the relationship between communication, learning styles, and quantum physics. This research is the foundation of Mind Body Language (MBL) and Truespeak™, her intra-personal communication training company.

Truespeak™ is the language the “observer” speaks in your mind and is the one directly connected to your higher power. When you learn how to meditate, you strengthen that connection. Guided meditation is the first step toward that accomplishment. Truespeak™ also teaches you how to connect with your higher power to resolve conflict, turmoil, and unresolved issues in your thoughts and actions.

Truespeak™ is the language in which one expresses what they want vs. what they don’t. Truespeak™ would say, “remember your lunch,” instead of, “don’t forget your lunch.” Or, “How can I improve my situation?” instead of, “Why does this always happen to me?” When you ask better questions, you get better answers.

Since our words are the direct manifestation of our thoughts, wouldn’t it be more valuable to think and state what you want in life rather than what you don’t? Remember, it’s your mind, your life, and you’re in charge. You have the power.
Ell Graniel
Ell GranielTruespeak
Take a deep dive into what you really desire in life and how motivated you are to achieve it.
Gain insight into your foundation with the Success Mindset Scorecard

Because the truth is in you...

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